The AMAZING Health Benefits of Wheatgrass (we just can't say enough)

if you havent jumped on the wheatgrass bandwagon's not too late! We are not obsessed with wheatgrass for no reason, wheatgrass is perhaps the healthiest food out there and the benefits are endless, from increased energy levels to improved overall health to beauty!

Contact me for information on protocols and recommendations on how you can get Wheatgrass working for you. We recommend most people maintain 2-4oz per day for maintenance and we recommend you take it with water, other fruits and veggies and prior to a meal to get the best benefits.

Here are a few more reasons Wheatgrass is great for your health

1. Alkalizes the body

Wheatgrass is highly alkaline and boasts an amazing line up of nutrients that are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, and supports immune and organ function.

2. Improves Immunity/Stimulates Circulation

Wheatgrass increases your bodies ability to produce red blood cells. A 2004 study showed its benefits so powerful that it actually reduced patients need for blood transfusions.

Increased red blood cells also increases the amount of oxygen in which the blood can carry. Take a shot before you exercise and benefit from improved blood circulation.

3. Improve Digestion

Wheatgrass contains fibre and vitamin B complexes which help convert carbohydrates into energy, maintains the mucous lining of the digestive tract, and boosts the function and health of the muscles of the digestive system.

4. Reduces fatigue

The chlorophyll in wheatgrass boosts the immune system as well as oxygen supply to the cells and tissues, this contributes to cell regeneration. Chlorophyll also has a natural regenerative affect on the adrenal glands which is crucial for those suffering from chronic fatigue.

5. Cleanse the liver

With its detoxifying properties, nutrients, and enzymes wheatgrass restores liver function...studies have indicated is protection even from the detrimental effects of alcohol.

6. Anti-Cancerous

Cancer thrives in an acidic and low oxygen environment, wheatgrass alkalizes and oxygenates the body thus providing the body with the ideal cancer fighting environment. (NOTE: Wheatgrasses ability to oxygenate the body is activated with exercise). Wheatgrass also has enzymes which fight carcinogens and reduces the toxic load of radiation, pollution and heavy metals.

7. Neutralize infections

Chlorophyll in wheatgrass fights bacterial infections by preventing inflammation and improving immunity. Wheatgrass also has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial enzymes.

8. Slow aging

The amino acid chains and anti-oxidants in wheatgrass can help repair damaged DNA and reduce the effect of free radicals which harm our cells. Damaged DNA can cause infertility, genetic abnormalities, quicker aging, the breakdown of our bodies systems/organs and general disease.

9. Stabilize lipid levels

Wheatgrass improves lipid levels which means it is a great tool for managing high cholesterol. Studies have shown its ability to reduce hyperlipidemia.

10. Treating Arthritis

A 2012 study in the international journal of pharmaceutical sciences showed that rheumatoid arthritis patients who increased consumption of wheatgrass drinks, fibre iron and raw vegetarian foods rich in lactobacilli saw decreased arthritic symptoms.

Chlorophyll also fights inflammation which is associated with joint pain.

Continue to view our blog and website for the many benefits of wheatgrass to your overall health and wellbeing

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