NO Food Challenge (how we detox)

Are you ready to start feeling more energized, more youthful? Would you like to rid yourself of joint pain, conditions and medications..shed excess pounds? Those who have given this 5 day detox a try have not only reported 6-9+ pounds of weight loss but also MORE youthful energy & vitality, youthful glowing skin and more... This is where it begins! We Challenge YOU to take on this life changing program. Unfortunately many of us consume foods that are chemical laden, processed, full of sugar, salt and excess caffeine. Our daily environment exposes us to a multitude of chemicals and foreign substances. Why we Detox!

Did you know the average person consumes about 152lbs of sugar and 146lbs of flour per year? As well; billions of pounds of chemicals are being introduced into our foods and the effect it has on our health is critical. Scientists have proven that sugar and flour are biologically addictive and specialists in the food industry are hired to manipulate the foods we eat to maximize sales! In addition to our daily exposure to chemicals and toxins from our environment these “Franken” foods (and their lack of nutrients) have horrible implications on our health, our vitality/youth and increase our susceptibility to disease. Trying to combat illness, improve your health and shed excess pounds? If you have been struggling with this for some time…it may not be your fault! The body stores foreign substances within its fatty deposits. As you continue to eat these highly addictive, processed, chemical foods your body not only lacks the nutrients it requires to function at an OPTIMAL level to fight disease and fatigue but also makes fat loss increasingly difficult. Perhaps your are suffering from FLC syndrome. “Feeling Like Crap” Syndrome, with symptoms including fatigue, headaches, brittle hair and nails, binges, insomnia, acne/skin eruptions, low sex drive, joint pain, bad breath, allergies, high blood sugar levels, disease, difficulty losing weight… It’s time to detox! A detox can not only begin to rid your body of harmful substances, but it also serves as a powerful starting point; A mental and physical challenge to begin your new journey! “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”…this is the first! For the FULL 14 day Destiny Detox program with: -additional recipes -how to safely and effectively come off of your detox -what exercise strategies you can use for optimal success -grocery list and SuperFoods -YOGA program to BOOST your detox results


Contact Stephanie at Destiny Wellness Centre 4168187837 Need extra support? Join the group when we run our next detox challenge OR enroll for private one-on-one coaching (special package prices available).




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