You are what you eat

As a Wellness Specialist my clients hear me preach "nutrition, nutrition, nutrition " ... Eat REAL, fresh, vibrant foods! (And don't forget to get MOVING too).

If you are experiencing aches and pains in your body, digestive issues, bloating, weight gain and poor energy start cleaning up your diet. (Have you heard about our 7 day detox challenge?)

Nature has provided us an abundance of foods that help to balance our energies and position our bodies for healing. Are you into the chakras and how these energy centres affect your organs and overall health? Eating brightly coloured foods that match in colour to an energy centre helps with healing and to improve your energy flow! Heart Chakra, eat more spinach. Sacral Chakra grab an orange (example:

Your are LITERALLY what you eat, apples and kale in, you make new cells, and grow new, for your maximum health, eat for an optimal you.

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