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"Exercise is medicine"

Do you want to get fit and improve your health, but haven't exercised in years? Are you scared to exercise with your health condition, or you don't know where to begin?

We specialize in helping people with complex health issues transform their lifestyles to get their health back on track. Exercise programs are developed using evidence based medicine and years of practical experience. 

Exercise is good for everybody, but if you have a health condition the benefits are even greater. We can assist you whether your goal is to increase your activity levels, develop a routine, minimize or prevent disease, pain or dysfunction... or just simply to increase your well being. "Exercise is one of the best forms of medicine". And appropriate fitness and exercise programming is one of the most important and effective components to a patients rehab and post rehab health.

From reducing cholesterol to blood sugar levels to lowering blood pressure, making your heart, lungs and whole body stronger... to managing your weight... exercise is proven to help prevent and manage chronic diseases and multiple health concerns.

Consistent exercise at the right intensity can:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease by 40%;

  • Reduce the incidence of high blood pressure by almost 50%;

  • Lower the risk of stroke by 27%;

  • Reduce the incidence of diabetes by almost 50%.

Research has proven that exercise decreases the incidence of disease, chronic health conditions and obesity, and also improves your quality of life, vitality and well being.

Online Coaching/Program Design OPTIONS:


We focus on preventing and reducing incidences of pain, illness and re-injury.

We can design, develop and/or monitor current exercise, rehabilitation and conditioning programs.

(Progress reports and updates are available upon request by the treating physician or health care professional.)

Exercise therapy is a great option for those who want to take control of their health and prevent or better manage their chronic conditions, reducing their risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and more.


  • Weight management (weight loss)

  • range of motion

  • strength gain

  • stability/balance

  • increased activity levels (adl's)

  • improved endurance/aerobic capacity

  • improve functional abilities

  • to decrease/manage pain


People who suffer from ongoing or recurrent bouts of pain often experience difficulty identifying a form of exercise appropriate in the management of their pain. For many, yoga has proven to be a safe and effective way to finally alleviate many forms of pain, increase physical activity and help prevent ongoing problems by correcting muscle imbalances, improve flexibility and strength.

While yoga classes are fun to attend, it can be difficult to advance or to address your specific needs while practicing within a large group of people. Private yoga sessions offer the ability to work one-on-one with an experienced teacher who can design a program that is personalized to you and your individual needs.

A one-on-one yoga session can also assist you in reaching the next level in your practice. It can allow you as a new student to become comfortable with common poses & or personal modifications required before joining a larger group class (due to injury or individual condition). During a private session, your teacher will be able to identify the exact skills and modifications necessary in order for you to grow and truly enjoy your practice!

“I would recommend yoga with Stephanie to everyone. I had hoped, after having both knees scoped (a year prior) the pain would be gone. Wanting to get into shape and tone up I decided to try Yoga Therapy. After 4 weeks I noticed a big difference in my knee pain and mobility. Now, almost 10 weeks in I’m virtually pain free. I may not need that knee replacement!! Thanks Stephanie –you’re the best”

-Christine McFadyen

Meet Stephanie

Clinical Kinesiologist, RYT -200 Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach. Stephanie brings over a decade of experience in rehabilitation, fitness and wellness.

Stephanie has used her skills and experience in exercise programming to help her clients decrease pain, gain strength, mobility and quality of life through her therapuetic conditioning programs. Using her knowledge of Kinesiology, Yoga and fitness she has an edge and unique approach to rehabilitation and wellness.

She strongly believes in a wholistic and synergistic approach to optimal health. Through her own experience of losing 70+lbs and struggle to regain function after an accident she understands the process first hand. A balanced approach of optimal nutrition, movement and mindset are the keys to long term, maintainable success.


3 30 minute coaching sessions


This package includes 3 30 minute coaching sessions that cover the assessment and determination of goals, identifying barriers to success/change, accountability and exercise/physical activity consultation. Get all the tools you need for success.

12 30 minute coaching sessions


Sessions can be used for nutrition coaching, yoga (therapy/fitness) or exercise (therapy/fitness).

These sessions are scheduled with your wellness coach according to your schedule.
*Facetime, Skype or Facebook messenger are required for online coaching sessions.

12 1 hour coaching sessions


Sessions can be used for nutrition coaching, yoga (therapy/fitness) or exercise (therapy/fitness).

These sessions are scheduled with your wellness coach according to your schedule.
*Facetime, Skype or Facebook messenger are required for online coaching sessions.

14 day detox challenge


This is a synergistic program of food & exercise designed to maximally detox the body and get you started on the path to the maintenance of long term health and well being.


Ebook includes:



-Exercise (Yoga, breathing & walking routine)

-Redeem 1 coaching session

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Coaching programs include:

  • Assessment, meant to establish your goals & history

  • A customized exercise program tailored to your personal health needs and goals, updated as you are able to do more;

  • We encourage 2-3 exercise sessions per week 

  • Ongoing monitoring of your progress (nutrition, exercise, activities, pain levels etc)

  • Re-assess at 6-8 weeks to assess progress;

  • Lifestyle tools/handouts and newsletter to promote continued development of healthy habits and mindset

Before & After I lost 70lbs